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* (2) 2016 BWRC - Both BWRC house cars were built in 2016 with the best of everything. Show-Me 100 Winner! Call Jimmy Owens at 423-623-1439 for complete details and pricing.

* 2016 BWRC - Located in Iowa. Will sell at any stage. Winters rearend. Ohlins double adjustable canister shocks. Out-pace greasable 4 bars. Barry Wright lift arm/ 6th coil. TWM Uppers/Lowers/Spindles. Out-pace greasable tie rods. Sweet rack. Quick car gauges. Wilwood pedals/ calipers/ rotors/ hubs. Wehrs aluminum J-bar. Wehrs slidable J-bar mount. Wehrs birdcages. Collapsible steering shaft. Comes with this years body if interested. Assembled by Precision Performance. Multiple feature wins on this car. Built with the best parts money can buy. Never wrecked or bent. Questions or pictures call/text 563-299-4247

* 2015 BWRC - Former Precision Performance House Car, Never been wrecked, 40-45 nights on car total, Comes with Sweet Rack, Sweet Steering column, BWRC Lift arm, Radius Adjuster for Jbar on Frame and Rearend, Winters Rearend (your choice of 4.86 or 4.11 with 8" ring), BWRC fuel cell, RF brake shut off, Stainless steel rotors, Precision Performance TWM spindles, Choice of Aluminum or Steel Jbar, Oval Craft Oil Tank

Selling as roller, No wheels, No shocks, No seat, No oiling system (besides tank). Other parts can be added for additional price, including bellhousing, choice of Gen 1 or 2 bert ballspline, driveshaft. - $13,000.00

Located in Webster City, IA - Email

* 2015 BWRC - Car has 12 races, Gloss black frame with red decking and body (4 races on body), BWRC Lowers, Howe Ball-Joints, TWM Spindles and Uppers, Sweet Rack, RF bent tie rod, Light Weight Wilwood brake system- Calipers, Masters, Pedals, Electric 3 Wheel shut-off-- Wilwood black Hubs gun drilled and Flanges, DRP Low Drag bearings and spacers, DRP 4 bar rods and tie rods, FK heims, DRP Light weight Axles rated (700)hp, Winters 411 Light weight, Thermal Coated, Black Anodized, Gun Drilled, Low Drag, Polished Rear End (Rearend alone cost $2800)-- Sweet Colapsible Steering shaft, Quick Car Gauges, Tach, XS 16v Light Weight Battery, BWRC adjustable Throttle Pedal, BWRC Wedge Fuel Cell (new style), BWRC Light Weight Torque Arm, BWRC Dual mount J-Bar, PRC Steering Tank, PRC Rearend Tank, BWRC Radiator hold down kit, MD3 Light Weight Roof Adjustable Spoiler (8,10,12), Wehrs adjustable chain limiter, Adjustable Nose Rack, BWRC Mud Shields, Car has the update done on the front end for 3 RF locations, Car was built to run 525 races.

Nothing wrong with car, I'm a dealer and I update cars at the end of every year. Sold minus Motor, Trans, Bell, Driveshaft, Shocks, Springs, MSD, and Seat. Can be sold with the above items for other prices. Serious Buyers Only J.R. 706-329-1539 $16,000.00

* 2013 BWRC - COMPLETE ROLLER minus motor, transmission, shocks, wheels and tires. $15,000.00 Contact Chris Kratzer: 316-304-3531. Car has only been run for 2 out of the last 3 seasons! Car has 15 Feature Wins and 2 Championships! Great car! Some specific parts include: BWRC Fuel Cell, 4.86 Tiger Rear End, Tilton Pedals and Master Cylinders, Brakeman Lightweight Brake System, TWM Spindles, Sweet Rack, Sweet Collapsible Steering Column, BWRC Lightweight Torque Arm, TWM Bearing Birdcages, Low Drag Hubs, BWRC Adjustable J-Bar. | photos

* 2012 BWRC - Car has 2013 Updates, Roller, JRI Shocks, Brake Man brakes, Tiger 4:11 rear end, Low drag everything, Comes with radiator and Beyea headers for 604 Crate engine. --- Contact Brian at 706-831-3943 or Mitch at 803-257-1955.

* 2012 BWRC - Comes with Ohlins double adjustable shocks. Carbon fiber driveshaft. Brinn transmission & Tiger 4.86 rear end; both rebuilt this past winter.  Complete roller minus motor wheels and tires $13,500. Will sell turnkey with crate 604 for $17,000. Car has around 25-30 nights since new. Contact Randall Beckwith 662-310-8401

* 2012 BWRC - Roller, New rear end, New Rack, Brakeman brakes, Low drag bearings, Original front bumper, Over 75 Feature wins. Contact James Foster: 706-491-1680

* (2) 2011 BWRC - Contact info: Ryan King 256-454-8553. $7,500 - Comes with uppers, lowers, spindles, tie rods, hubs, rotors, calipers, rack, steering column, gauges (no tac), rear end, birdcages, 5th arm, 6th coil, mid plate | $8,250 - add seat and tac | $10,800 - add ohlin shocks and springs | $13,500 - add Bert transmission, bellhousing, carbon fiber drive shaft | $14,300 - add two weld beadlocks and two weld non beadlocks with tabs with one race old 1350's | $24,300 - add 525 motor, with Jones pulleys, tandem rear mount power steering/fuel pump, prc oil cooler, David smith carb.. race ready. Can put new body on if ask for $800 | $5,000 - comes with uppers, lowers, spindles, tie rods, hubs, rotors, calipers, 4-bars, cockpit, brake lines, gauges (no tac), birdcages

* 2008 BWRC - New Body and Nose. New GM Radiator. Includes Seat, Gauges, Fuel Cell, Pro Shocks. Many time Feature Winner @ Lancaster & I-77 Speedways. $7,000.00 Call Randy Smith (803) 372-1072


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