Quality and durability are synonymous with the words Barry Wright Race Cars and our 40 year history of building cars.

BWRC, Inc. is proud to offer NEW FIA/FT3 Compliant fuel cells! These cells also conform to the Unified Dirt Racing Committee's rules, making you race ready for any sanctioning body or track! Our fuel cells are made of ballistic nylon, which provides seamless bladders where any type of fuel that you choose to use won't eat away at the inside of the bladder materials. Included in the bladder is the required MIL Spec foam, which adds an added layer of protection. Our fuel cell cans are made from Aluminum. Each hand crafted fuel cell is made of the highest quality components. The fuel pickups are made to ensure that you get the most fuel out of your cell each time you race. Call Barry Wright Race Cars at 864-463-4711 to order your fuel cell today!

* All BWRC Fuel Cells come with FIA/FT3 Hologram, Certificate of compliance, and Serial Number
* BWRC Fuel Cells Hold approximately 32 Gallons w/ Foam
* Each Cell Measures 25.5 Inches Wide x 23 Inches Deep x 21.5 Inches Tall
* Each Cell Can Easily Be Slid From Side-to-Side to Help Offset the Driver's Weight
* Cells are Designed to Allow Fuel Weight to Be Placed Closer to the Rear End in the Car Aiding in Traction Capabilities
* Allows All of the Fuel Load to be Above the Center Line of the Axles Allowing Easier Weight Transfer

Complete FIA/FT3 Certified Fuel Cell: $1,850.00


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